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What's in your cup........

Local beverage catering

Family Owned & Operated


Truly Great Coffee

Great Coffee Starts with GREAT BEANS roasted to perfection.

Coffee should be pleasing to the nose.  When the aroma hits your senses, you should be able to picture yourself embracing the cup and SIPPING.

We use a blend of Indonesian and Arabica Beans that are specially blended and locally roasted.

Cold Brew


Cold Brewed Coffee is the new "Flavor" this year.  This Coffee is brewed using "Cold" water instead

of traditional "steaming" water through the beans.  


Cold Brewing offers a distinct  mild  flavor that can be easily enjoyed BLACK  or flavored to TASTE. 


Cold Brew Coffee is lower in Acidity and Caffeine Content.


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

​It would be easy to think that more expensive coffees would pass some of that premium on over to the farmers, but that’s not always the case. “You can’t necessarily assume that a high price means good working conditions, or that by paying a high price you’re paying for environmental sustainability, unless that is explicit." 


“I think you can make the assumption that if your coffee is cheap, the environmental and working conditions are probably not good.”




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